What Would a Metaverse Psychotherapy Clinic Look Like?

Imagine it’s a beautiful day on Black Sun Boulevard in the Metaverse. You are happy with your life, because you are online. The real world is just boring, annoying and frustrating for you. When you put your VR-goggles on, you’re transported into a fun and exciting world full of crazy possibilities. 

Spending time in the Metaverse is a good distraction. Let’s say you lost your job a little while ago.  You’ve just found a new one, but it’s hard to live up to the standards of your boss and you already dread going there. You’re looking for a romantic partner online, but you’re not having much luck so you wonder whether there’s something wrong with you. Your family is demanding that you change – that you help more and join in with the family – but you just can’t muster the drive to do any of that. 

But you know things can improve. You know that psychotherapy or coaching can help you, but you’ve tried talking to someone face-to-face for over six months and you know it’s not the right style for you.

Finding the Metaverse Clinic

And then, one day, while you’re in the Metaverse, you see it in neon letters: Metaverse Psychotherapy Clinic: Reject your Programming. It sounds interesting, so you check it out.  You enter a building and it’s spacious and looks nice from the inside. You see some doors, some stairs, a receptionist desk, and in the center of the foyer you see an animated, slowly-rotating brain. You walk towards the brain and click on it, and an animation starts describing the causes of mental health problems. At the end it tells you: “If you want to find out if Metaverse Hypnosis can help you, please go to the reception.” 

At the reception of the Metaverse Clinic

You follow its instructions and at the reception you speak to an animated receptionist lady. She asks you in a nice soothing voice: “How can I help? Can you please describe your problem a little more? On a scale from one to ten, how severe is your problem?” 

You answer and she replies: “There is a practitioner available for you now behind Door One. Your preliminary talk will cost just 30$ in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. How would you like to pay?” You ask, “Is it a real person?!” and she replies, “Yes, a qualified, real person!” 


The Metaverse treatment room on the beach

You pay, because it is not much more than you would usually spend on junk in the Metaverse and you go towards Door One . A pop-up opens to warn you that you are leaving the Black Sun Boulevard virtual world and open a private layer of the Metaverse. You proceed and find yourself in the beautiful living room of a beach house with wide windows and an awesome view of the rolling waves of a bright blue ocean.

A friendly-looking avatar turns around and smiles at you. “Hi, I am Chris! Please sit down. So, you said you feel like you spend too much time online…”

He gives you the chance to tell your story. He then asks you some more questions and explains  what a therapy for your behavior could look like.  Chris, the therapist, also tells you how much your particular program would cost, and gives you the details to reach him when you’re ready. 

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