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Your hypnotherapist in Berlin: Florian Günther

I have worked in the medical field since the beginning of my career. I have experience developing and selling medical devices for orthopedics, pain management and sedation, as well as in the dental office and labor and delivery setting. During my tenure, I developed medical devices that are now found in numerous dental offices around the world. In addition, I have trained numerous dentists to help them reduce the anxiety of their patients.

Florian Günther Vortrag
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy
  • Organizes trainings for dentists in patient management and anxiety relief
  • 10 years technical and training manager in the field of sedation
  • 5 years in the field of orthopedics and prosthetics in Berlin clinics

Sweating, sleep disorders, depression

How I realized what can help me

I was nervous, anxious, and didn’t want to shake his hand because it was very sweaty. I was about to experience hypnosis for the first time. And my goal was to get rid of those sweaty hands.

The following session lasted only 45 minutes, and although my heart was beating up to my neck at the beginning, I was able to relax quickly and slip into a kind of dreamy half-sleep. A journey into my inner self, where I was able to permanently solve the problems that were hiding behind my sweaty palms.

Until then, those sweaty hands had stood between me and many important and beautiful things in my life. Shaking someone’s hand or touching someone always led to an embarrassing situation.

Have you ever experienced that there is something in your life that is out of your control and that limits you greatly?

I experienced firsthand that you can influence these unconscious processes. And since then, I’ve been so excited and fascinated that I’ve made it my mission to learn everything I can about this subject so that I can help other people as well.

Hypnotherapeut in Berlin Florian Günther

Auch meine Schlafstörungen konnte ich durch weitere Hypnosesitzungen behandeln lassen. Ich erkannte, dass meine Probleme auf ein komplexes Kindheitstrauma zurückzuführen waren. Auch meine Antriebslosigkeit als Jugendlicher stellte sich als unerkannte Depression heraus.

Weil ich all diese seelischen Störungen und Verletzungen selbst erlebt habe, habe ich viel Enthusiasmus für meine Klienten. Freunde sagen, wo andere nur auffälliges Verhalten sehen, zeige ich Verständnis und Interesse an der persönlichen Geschichte der Menschen. Ich möchte verstehen, welche Erfahrungen uns zu den Menschen gemacht haben, die wir sind. Und wenn uns diese Erfahrungen heute einschränken, dann helfe ich gerne beim notwendigen Perspektivwechsel.


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Hypnotherapy / Hypnoanalysis

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German Institut for Clinical hypnosis, Magdeburg

NLP Master

Neurolinguistic Consulting – Master

Andre Fritsch

Fritsch Akademie, Berlin

Berlin Hypnose Nichtraucher

Certified Hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists

New Hampshire, USA

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Neurolinguistisches Consulting Florian Günther

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