Treating Cocaine Addiction with Hypnosis

Cocaine addiction – what now? How hypnosis can help to become clean!

Many people reading this are tired of losing control because they have realized how much they have hurt the people close to them. Maybe they are tired of being in financial trouble. Or it seems to them that their life consists only of fear, restlessness, and stress.

Cocaine is the second most commonly used drug after cannabis. Whether at parties or in a round among friends. The mood and self-confidence rise, the conversations become louder and faster. The problem arises when parties are no longer fun without coke or when friends and family notice changes in character. What often appears to the consumer as self-confidence is interpreted by others as arrogance or conceit.

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Treating Cocaine Addiction with Hypnosis in Berlin

Even with cocaine, we distinguish between abuse that has gotten out of control and dependency.

If your cocaine use is still at a stage where you can go several days and weeks without it, then we might not yet be talking about a full-blown dependency. If this is confirmed, neither a complete withdrawal nor subsequent total abstinence may be necessary. I can help you reduce your cocaine use.

What defines a cocaine dependency?

According to the WHO, a cocaine dependency exists when at least three of these symptoms occur:

  • A strong desire or a kind of compulsion to consume cocaine.
  • Decreased control over the onset, termination, and amount of consumption.
  • Development of tolerance.
  • Other pleasures or interests are increasingly neglected in favor of substance use. Increased time spent obtaining, consuming, or recovering from the substance.
  • Continuation of cocaine use despite clear evidence of harmful physical, social, or psychological consequences.

At the latest when physical withdrawal symptoms and regular compulsive consumption occur, a qualified withdrawal is also necessary. This must be carried out by a doctor (inpatient or outpatient). I am then happy to assist you with aftercare and relapse prevention.

Consequences of Heavy Cocaine Use

  • psychological disorders: The brain can suffer permanent damage. This can include: loss of empathy, delusions, anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, etc.
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Speech and vision disorders
  • Cardiovascular system disorders with late consequences such as heart attack and stroke
  • Accelerated aging
  • Immune deficiency
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste due to frequent nosebleeds
  • Dependents lose about 10 – 30 years of their life

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