Treating Ketamine Addiction with Hypnosis

Do you want to free yourself from addiction and regain control over your body and mind?

When you’re tired of ketamine controlling your life. Many of my clients have had their use noticed by family and friends who have approached them about it. Some have problems at work or in relationships. Others fear the physical consequences, such as kidney damage or incontinence.

Ketamine is a widely available and easily accessible party drug in Berlin. Its mildly hallucinogenic and dissociative effects alter spaces, sounds, and feelings. Forgetting everyday life is easy in this trance state.

The use often becomes problematic when it continues into everyday life, or when tolerance has increased to the point that the amounts taken lead to physical damage.

Often, behind ketamine addiction is a form of self-medication. Ketamine has antidepressant properties and is used in modern psychiatry as a psychopharmaceutical.

This also indicates that behind the ketamine addiction there could be another disorder. Perhaps depression or an anxiety disorder. I can help you with both.

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Can ketamine addiction be treated with hypnosis?

The prognosis for ketamine addiction in conjunction with hypnosis is good. A necessary condition for this is the will to truly end the addiction, which includes subsequent ketamine abstinence.

The detoxification cannot be directed by me but must be medically supervised (inpatient or outpatient). I can only work with clients who have a ketamine addiction after a successful detoxification. If there have already been isolated relapses after the detoxification, cooperation is still possible.

Consequences of Heavy Ketamine Use

  • Uncontrolled incontinence due to damage to the urinary tract. These symptoms occur in all affected individuals beyond a certain point!
  • Brain damage. Impairment of cognitive performance, memory, as well as mild psychotic symptoms may occur
  • Development of a panic disorder, with frequent anxiety and panic attacks
  • Reduction of brain mass in all parts of the brain
  • Addiction leads to craving and withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased risk of accidents (In one study, 13% of respondents reported being involved in an accident as a result of consumption)
  • Liver damage can trigger severe cramp-like abdominal pain
  • Increased risk of strokes, especially when mixed with uppers like speed and cocaine

Reducing Ketamine Use with Hypnosis

I am willing to advise you on this. If you would like a free and confidential initial consultation over the phone with me, simply click on the button and choose an appointment. I will then call you back at your desired time.

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