Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in Berlin

The stop smoking hypnosis to live your life as a non-smoker in Berlin

Literally pay out of that old cigarette money then put on average €1,500 back in your pocket every year for the rest of your long and healthy life!

Are you looking for a stop smoking hypnosis in Berlin …

  • without withdrawal symptoms
  • without gaining weight
  • without annoying side effects
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Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Berlin

Hypnosis cuts off the anchors that have always triggered your craving for cigarettes. Now it is possible that you become a true non-smoker.


Smoking is a deep-rooted habit of the subconscious mind. That makes it so difficult for many people to stop smoking on their own. Smoking claws deep into our web of habits and builds up emotional connections to certain everyday situations. For example, the morning coffee, the way to the train station or the after-work beer. These situations are individual and can be very emotionally related to smoking. As a result, even if all the effects of addiction are already over, the cigarette can find its way back into the smoker’s life.

Through hypnosis these “anchors” can be released! This is an important step towards becoming a true non-smoker. That means a person who feels like she has never smoked in her life.

This also means that you probably will not experience any withdrawal symptoms during the process.

While this does not release you from your own responsibility for your change, hypnosis has significantly greater chances of success than other procedures.

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Are you looking for a stop smoking hypnosis in Berlin because you really want to stop? To give you the possibility to find out if this program is the right one for you, I’m offering you a free strategy session on the phone.

Here we choose which approach suits you best. I will check that you are ready for hypnosis to ensure our success.

In addition, we will have a preliminary talk before the start of the program. If I or you are not convinced that we will be successful, you will get your money back.

The stop smoking hypnosis is right for you


  • You REALLY want to stop
  • YOU really want to stop
  • You really want to STOP
  • You really WANT to stop

I work with people who take responsibility for their change. If you act on your own initiative and want to be smoke-free as quickly, easily and effectively as possible, you are right with me! Make an appointment for a free strategy session with me and start your journey into a smoke-free life.

You're wrong with stop smoking hypnosis


  • You do not feel ready yet
  • Someone has persuaded you to do so
  • Someone sent you
  • You do not want to stop
  • Someone gave you the hypnosis as present

Hypnosis is about the right timing. If you are not ready yet, feel free to contact me now. The strategy session is still open to you. You may also want to subscribe to my newsletter, where you will receive valuable information that can help you on your way to stop smoking.

My stop smoking program

With my program, I set you up for success. How many sessions we need for your program will be determined in your free strategy session. Often the first session is enough to make you a non-smoker once and for all.

The second session continues the process, reinforcing its effects and ensuring that your success is permanent. We also focus on maintaining your weight.

I think that two sessions of 1.5h are more effective for long-term success than a 3h session. In addition, during the time between the first and second session, things may occur that you were not aware of before the first session. Maybe you realize that your balcony is a trigger for smoking and we can then ensure in the second session, that your balcony for you again becomes a neutral place.

What do you get with my stop smoking hypnosis

The first 1.5-hour stop smoking hypnosis

makes you a non-smoker.

The second 1.5-hour stop smoking hypnosis

Here we focus on your everyday life and make it even easier for you to be a lasting non-smoker.

Hypnosis MP3s

They help you with the preparation for our session and are still used for months by many of my clients  to just relax at home. They are short and can easily be integrated into everyday life. This isn’t required, but many like to do it anyways.

Self Hypnosis

I will teach you how you can put yourself in hypnosis to relax, focus or reduce stress – all without smoking!

Stop smoking hypnosis Berlin: my guarantee

I will not leave you to yourself after your session. Even after our work, I will look in on you and keep in touch with you. Each smoking cessation is different and I fully adapt to your needs

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